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I write music to bring new perspective. I believe music is a universal language that breaks down barriers bringing inner and outer peace.

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Born in Jamaica and raised in Louisiana, I was exposed to various different genres at a young age and began to see the beauty in all of them. As a teacher once told me, “Music shares the human story”. Currently finishing his Bachelors of Music and determined to get his Master’s in Music Therapy, I hope to explore different musical genres in order to have a better understanding of the culture behind it. I believe that music and culture are linked and that by exposing yourself to different genres, you have more compassion and empathy for the culture itself. Because…All music shares the human story
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As a young boy, traveling around the world opened my eyes to the misunderstandings of humanity. Realizing there are many different types of people in the world reminded me of my need to embrace the diversity of others and accept people for who they are. With the mentality of a world bigger than myself, I discovered that my purpose is to serve humanity. I believe music can be a universal language that breaks down societal and cultural barriers to create a more peaceful and understanding world.



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Abhi Manapragada tells the glorious story of humankind with his epic instrumentation and melodic singing

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